amateur boxer David Acosta

Boxer David Acosta: How a world champion is made.

Name: David Acosta

Age: 16

Weight: 119

Trainer: Cem Kilic, Brickhouse Boxing Club

Fights: 3 fights, 2-1 record

Location: Los Angeles, California

From the moment David tried on his first pair of boxing gloves at age 14, he knew his life was forever changed. Two years later, he has 3 fights under his belt (with 2 wins) and no regrets.

Boxing has brought blessings into my life that I never thought possible. It has surrounded me with some amazing people who have instilled lessons in me – both in and outside of the ring.

David was introduced to the sport by his grandfather, Andy, who grew up boxing with his brother and cousins. One day the two were talking when the topic of the sweet science came up, and Andy shared his experiences and all the lessons he’d learned in the sport over the years. Several months later, David felt ready to take on the boxing world himself. He began his journey at Ten Goose Boxing gym in Van Nuys before moving to Brickhouse Boxing Club in North Hollywood, where he currently trains with world-renowned champion Cem Kilic.  

Kilic has taken David under his wing and it has made all the difference. As David describes it, “Cem is sculpting me into a mold of greatness. He holds me to the highest standards and pushes me to seek perfection. He has helped me make massive leaps and bounds and has helped me grow in ways that I never thought possible. We are both constantly seeking greatness and demanding more of ourselves each and every day.”

David puts in the hard work every day, continually pushing past and shattering his limits. “I’m also trying to grow and increase my knowledge of the sport. As once said to me by the great Julian Chua, you can only get so much faster and stronger, but your boxing IQ can always be improved. I do my best to live and embody that every single day.”

The young fighter is also working on gaining as much experience in the ring as possible and aims to join Team USA to fight at the national championship level. From there, he aspires to take on the world championships.

“My end goal is to leave an imprint on the sport at the highest possible level. I want to be a world champion in multiple weight classes, fighting and beating the best. I want to not only make my family proud, but also my trainer, team, and all who have supported me. I am going to take care of my family for generations to come. I say this with absolute certainty and have no doubt in my mind.”

If you’ve had the privilege of meeting David and watching him train, you know that he will surely achieve everything he has his heart set on. He is truly a champion in the making, with a bright future in boxing and in life. But where does this champ gain his admirable, unshakeable confidence?

The Bible says in Romans 8:31, If God is for me, who can be against me?

“My copious amount of confidence comes from the work I put in every day, and the fact that I have not only so many caring people rooting for me, but I have God on my side. The Bible says in Romans 8:31 If God is for me, who can be against me?

10 thoughts on “Boxer David Acosta: How a world champion is made.

  1. Inspiring journey this young man has begun .
    I pray he continues to live with his bodily strength and his inward courage !
    Go Win

  2. So proud of you David!
    I cannot wait to see all that God does in your life. His favor and anointing is upon you!
    We love you so much!!

  3. That’s right little bro. So proud to see you take advantage of the gift God gave you. Your an inspiration. Keep it up bro. Love you and your family always.

  4. You are a example of what hard work, commitment, self-discipline and determination is. You work hard and set goals for yourself and push yourself to higher limitations.
    Love you and proud of you.
    With God all things are possible

  5. I’m so proud of you son, I knew that from the moment you were in your mother’s womb, that you were destined for greatness…..God has given you a heart and a mind of a leader, you have the favor or God upon your life… you are evidence, that God is able to break generational curses…..I believe that the best is yet to come, I believe that with God in your life, no limits can stop you….Keep God in your heart and remain humble…..keep fighting the good fight son…..proud of you son, I love you…….


  6. Very proud of you David
    God favor and keep doing what God has called you and you will see the impossible.

    Saravia family loves you

  7. David You Have A Victor’s Heart and the eyes of a tiger You are More than a Conquerer says The Bible and You can do All things through Christ who Strenthens You.I see You Conquering Giants in The Land both physically and Spiritually You can take the Land You know when I was Your age I was on a Boxing team at Normandie Rec Center and we were a traveling boxing team with God’s help I won every fight and I was way to Tennessee and Florida and other Bouts but I took My tiger eyes off of Jesus and fought at school the streets and in jail but it wrecked my boxing carrer.Always Keep Your Eyes on God and Your Daddy on Earth the reason why Your So Annointed here on Earth because Mom and Dad raised and Showed You in The ways that You are Supposed to Go and Uou Have A double anointing g of what they have Amen Grandparents as Well Keep on Keeping on for Jesus God Bless You Dabid and before and after You whip em Pray for them LOL

  8. Wow David Acosta, I would love to come to see you perform and support you, cheer you on 😉👍
    Your a good kid keep up the good work and always go back and watch your fight to see what you can do better the more you do that the better you become keep up Mijo ❤️

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