Mike Tyson on Tucker Carlson

Mike Tyson’s powerful interview with Tucker Carlson

Last week, Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed Mike Tyson on his “Today” show. There are two parts, and if you’re a Tyson fan like me, you don’t want to miss a minute. It’s a powerful interview that reveals much about the fighter’s personal life that I never knew. The conversation left an impression on me, and I think it will leave one on you as well. You can check it out on Fox Nation (you can always opt for the free trial just to watch it, but there are other shows on the app you might enjoy if you’re into American history or politics or the great outdoors). Here are some of the highlights, and the ultimate takeaway.

Adversity and Formative Years with Cus D’Amato

Tyson talks about boxing from the age of thirteen, and the years he spent living in Cus D’Amato’s house. He describes him as a tough, no funny business mentor and father figure who helped mold him into a disciplined fighter. He also shares that before he met Cus, he got into his first fight when he was nine years old and it was over….drumroll please….a pigeon.

Sleeping Tigers, Racing Pigeons

Mike Tyson loves animals, and he especially loves pigeons and big cats. He shared with Tucker in part two of the interview that he kept two tigers in his home for thirteen or fourteen years, and they even slept in his bed…and would sometimes fight! Who knew?? He also elaborates on his fondness for pigeons, which he still keeps today. It seems that the very first pigeon from his childhood in Brooklyn had quite an impact on him.

Prison, Friendships, Holyfield, and the Infamous Ear Bite

Who can forget that Holyfield fight when Tyson decided to take a chunk out of his opponent’s ear? Not Tucker. He asked him why he did it and Tyson was truthful “because he was kicking my ass” he explained candidly. Well, at least he’s honest. He went on to say that he and Holyfield are now close friends, so it all worked out, no hard feelings. What’s a missing chunk of ear between friends, anyway? More interestingly, he explains how he thrives in difficult situations and places – including during his time in prison, where he cultivated numerous friendships. He even played matchmaker between inmates and some ladies he just happened to know. Not the worst way to spend time behind bars!

Finding God

Tyson and Carlson discuss God at length toward the end of the second half of the interview. The heavyweight boxing legend confirmed that he is not only a believer, but that the life he has lived is because he prayed for it, and received it. As the conversation continues, Tyson lets his guard down completely and opens up about becoming the man God meant for him to be, and why he does not fear death, but sees it as a beautiful part of life.

This is the part of the interview that moved me the most. When Tucker asked Mike Tyson about his life and all he’s experienced, he expressed quite simply, “I prayed for this life and I received it.” How wonderful is that? To pray and receive is so amazing, yet so very simple. It is also a reminder that God often works most in imperfect people. Tyson is far from a perfect man, but if you take the time to listen and see him for who and not what he is, you will surely see a sign of God’s work.

The full interview with Mike Tyson on Tucker Carlson Today is exclusively on Fox Nation.