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The Art of Spiritual Warfare

Everything happening in the spiritual world affects us and manifests here on Earth, often in real time.

Sun Tzu’s poetically penned warfare tactics are effective and timeless, which is why The Art of War is widely read in the boxing community. The Chinese military strategist knew that mental sharpness and wit are just as necessary to winning battles as is physical strength, and perhaps more so. If you are any kind of fighter, I highly recommend owning a copy. Even if you aren’t a physical fighter, there are many battles in life we must all face, and having a prepared mind makes all the difference. But while we are all familiar with physical and psychological wars, there is another kind of warfare Sun Tzu doesn’t mention – the spiritual.

Being conscious of the wars being fought in the spiritual realm allows you to perceive the physical manifestations of those battles with better clarity. Take, for example, mass-scale government corruption. On the surface, we can see that some unethical and immoral guys have colluded to do some very bad things and are hurting humanity. But if you believe in the spiritual realm, you know that there is much more to it than that. Every time there is a big battle being fought on Earth, there is another, much larger fight happening in the spiritual world, where good vs. evil/light vs. dark has gone head to head since the beginning of time.

If you are in tune with spiritual warfare, then it doesn’t surprise you when at times of intense fighting, you may feel more inclined to engage in battles of your own or become more active in causes you’re passionate about. Everything happening in the spiritual world affects us and manifests here on Earth, often in real time.

Naturally, because we are humans and we are all mortal, we tend to fight what is in plain sight – attacks on our way of life, social injustices, corruption, or even an actual physical fight or a war. And we can learn how to fight and even win these battles using reason, strategy, skill, and all of the tactics Sun Tzu laid out in his teachings. But spiritual war is another animal. It’s the opposite of scientific, and there may not be an obvious strategy. This type of fighting is more of an art. You have to know yourself and your Creator to have any chance of winning.

My character, Seth, in New California, is very familiar with the art of spiritual war. His journey as a fighter often weaves in and out of the physical and metaphysical world, and he is just as much a student in God’s army as he is a boxer, or a soldier here on Earth. He learns with time, patience, and enormous trust, how to find peace, even during combat. And isn’t this the ultimate goal? Peace in war. Because for what may be a long time to come, the light and the dark will keep duking it out – at least until the pre-written conclusion of our Universe.

Let’s find out if Seth will be one of the good guys.

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