These 5 boxing trainers are legends

Boxing trainers aren’t hard to find, but great ones certainly are. These five, however, surpassed greatness and are now in solid legend territory in the boxing world. While the fighters may be the ones stepping into the ring, it is the trainers who help get them there. Here, we take a look at some of the top trainers in the USA and what they are known for.

Abel Sanchez

Abel Sanchez is best known for his work with middleweight kingpin Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, as well as Terry and Orlin Norris, Lupe Aquino, Frans Botha, and Miguel Angel Gonzalez. He is an experienced trainer with a long list of former champions to his name

Sanchez’s unique approach to training has earned him a great deal of respect in the boxing community, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has an incredible ability to bring out the best in each of his fighters and challenge them to reach their peak performance. He was a recipient of the Futch-Condon award for best trainer in 2015.

Virgil Hunter

Virgil Hunter is best known for his work with American boxing sensation Andre “S.O.G.” Ward. He has trained a number of champions throughout his career and is considered one of the most respected trainers in the sport.

Hunter has a unique approach to training, one that is based on trust and psychological understanding between coach and fighter. He has a way of bringing out the very best in his fighters and his no-nonsense training methods have yielded a great deal of success. Indeed, Hunter’s work has been instrumental in the rise of Andre Ward as one of the greatest boxers of his generation.

Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach is one of the most legendary trainers in boxing. He is probably most renowned for his work with Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, as well as Miguel Cotto and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Roach’s journey to the top began when he turned pro in 1978 and trained under Eddie Futch, who taught him invaluable lessons about boxing. He has since gone on to become one of the most sought-after trainers in the world, with a long list of accomplishments in his career. It’s no surprise that Freddie Roach is a source of motivation for many aspiring boxers – his commitment, dedication and success are something we can all strive for!

Freddie Roach owns and trains fighters at Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood, CA.

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia is a former world champion boxer, who has gone on to train a number of big names including Tony Ferguson and Nonito Donaire. His skills in the ring have transferred well to the corner, making him one of the top trainers in the USA.

Garcia has been named “Trainer of the Year” by Ring Magazine. He currently owns and operates Robert Garcia Boxing Academy in Oxnard, CA.

Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain

Nacho Beristain is a Mexican boxing trainer best known for his work with the likes of Ricardo Lopez, Oscar de la Hoya, and Daniel Zaragoza. He has trained a number of world champions and Olympic athletes and in 2006 was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame as a trainer. He is also a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Beristain’s disciplined training methods have resulted in a long list of successful boxers, and he continues to be a respected figure in the world of boxing at 83 years young. When you hear Nacho Beristain’s name, you can be sure it is associated with a champion.

The boxing trainers listed above are some of the best in the business. They have all worked with some of the biggest names in the sport, and each has his own unique style of training. Whether you’re looking for a trainer for yourself or for your fighter, these are the names to look out for.