Boxer Jacob Sasson: The heart of a fighter, the dedication of a champion

Jacob Sasson is the next flyweight champion to watch out of Wildcard Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, CA

Name: Jacob Sasson

Age: 26

Weight: 110 lbs /flyweight division

Height: 5’8″

Fights: California State Championships

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Sasson first found boxing during his high school years as a means of self-defense. “I was jumped by three guys in the ninth grade. Anywhere I went I was always the smallest guy, so people took advantage of me. My cousin found out and put me in boxing so I could learn to defend myself,” he recalls. Without a father around at the time, his older cousin’s guidance changed his life, as Jacob not only learned how to defend himself against the bullies, but he found meaning in a sport he loves. His first boxing coach noticed he was gifted with a hefty punch for his weight, and immediately saw his potential. For Jacob, this was a defining moment. “It was the first time someone told me I had the potential for something, and so right there, I fell in love with the sport.”

Falling in Love With Boxing

Despite episodes of depression and anxiety that plagued his teens and early twenties, Jacob returned to boxing for good after a hiatus and says boxing helped him cope with those issues. At 26, his goal is to go pro and conquer multiple weight classes. While he didn’t win his first fight at the California state championships this past summer, he appreciates the experience. “It made me realize I love boxing, and this is what I want to do.”

Working with trainer Juan Jimenez, aka Coach “Superman” out of Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood, Jacob has made impressive strides and is very much ready for his next bout. For inspiration, he says he looks to famous boxers Tommy Morrison and Anthony Joshua.

Swagger, Dedication, and Staying Humble

“Anthony Joshua has a humble nature and the dedication to win, and he’s the one who made me really want to come back to boxing and pursue it. I believe that heart, dedication, and staying humble make a good fighter. I don’t care how good you are – if you don’t have the heart to keep pushing past your limits, you won’t reach your goals. You have to stay dedicated and make boxing your lifestyle. It can’t be last on your list. You really have to put your mind, soul, and body into it. And always stay humble, because there’s always going to be someone better than you. So you just have to train to get better than them. Never let up on training just because you win.”  

As for Tommy Morrison, Jacob likes his style. “He has this certain swagger, and he was a machine in the ring.”

We are looking forward to seeing Jacob Sasson’s name right up there next to both of these legends. To stay in the know, follow him on Instagram @assassingod_sasson

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4 thoughts on “Boxer Jacob Sasson: The heart of a fighter, the dedication of a champion

  1. This man surely has shown dedication at its finest. I pray that your dreams come true, Jacob.

  2. I have known Jacob before he was born and knew he was bound for glory. He has a heart that has melted my heart for many years. He has been through so much and yet he perseveres. I was so proud of him and how far he came in such a short time. I am his biggest supporter and also his mom. Great job my son and may your future shine just like your heart does.

  3. I got to see Jacob fight in person, and I must say, for q light weight, he packs a mighty punch! We definately need more humble players. God bless and hope you don’t give up your dream to inspire others!

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