Knowing your value might just save you.

What is your value? Do you know what you’re actually worth?

I don’t just mean how much salary you should be paid, or the culmination of all of your hard skills – although those things have their place, too. But very rarely do we talk about our true value as humans with limited time on this planet.

I am talking about the core of who you are, who you were born to be, and the life you’ve built, or are working on building. Before you write this off as too vague or too cheesy, hear me out. I personally believe that this Earth may be near the time Christians most commonly call “the end of days” when there will be seven years of tribulation followed by the second coming of Christ. The main reason I believe this is due to the very obvious effort of the global elite to gain absolute world power and create a central currency. But I’ll leave it to you to go study the book of Revelation for more on that and make up your own mind.

I could obviously be wrong with my timeline, and that time is not now. It could also very well be the case that what we are going through right now globally is a very turbulent time that will either set us on a renewed course (if we wake up and resist tyranny) – or lead to another global war.

In any case, no matter what you believe, it may be worth taking a pause to collectively take a deeper look into our spiritual lives, and consider what we are worth during our time on Earth. If we do that, I think it just may help us survive any looming wars, famine, or other catastrophes. Because if we can learn to discover what we are made of, we may just all wake up and remember who the f*ck we are.

We were made in God’s image, and we were not put on this Earth to be enslaved by others, to starve or to eat bugs, or be told what to do with our own bodies. The fantasies of the global elites that we are their “cattle” will stay just that – the twisted fantasies of evil men who want to rule the world. So be it.

A collective spiritual awakening, in my opinion, is two-pronged. We become aware of attempts to control us and we fight back, and at the same time, we build our lives outside of the tyrants’ world. It is imperative that we learn how to do some things completely independently, like growing at least most of our food. Why shouldn’t we be capable of doing this very basic thing that all humans before us could do? Think about it. We were tricked into thinking and participating in the ridiculous notion that money has value. Money has absolutely no value, but only what you buy with it does.

I’m not suggesting we give up on money – that’s not feasible – but I’m suggesting that we become less reliant on it, as much as we can. We won’t be taking any of it with us anyway when our time is up.

Maybe this is a wild “far right” conspiracy theory, so thank you for humoring me. Now think about this. If money were to become completely worthless, what would you be worth? What value do you have in this chaotic world? Beyond this world is another matter altogether, so I’ll stick to the present day and our material reality.

I know that having a healthy bank account is going to improve my quality of life in most ways. And earning a solid income is important, especially if you’re providing for your family. But I decided to make it a point during these past two years of difficulty to remember who I am and what value I have in this world other than what I do for a paycheck. What can I create, build, and grow? What would the Creator who made me think of what I’m able to create, build, or grow? And would He be pleased?

Maybe you’re a farmer and can grow your own food and raise your own animals. Maybe you build houses or plant trees or volunteer to help a cause that has meaning to you. Whatever it is you do, even something as simple as having an herb garden or spending time talking to someone who could use your advice – it allows your spirit to shine, because you are working on something that goes far beyond what money can buy. You are plugging into the most sacred part of your existence. You are declaring that your unique existence matters and that you cannot be bought.

Fighters already know this. Unless you aspire to be a pro – and even if you do go pro – your fighting skills are worth more than any dollar amount because they are a part of you. Your athleticism and the work you do with your body can’t be transferred – it is who you are, not just what you are. Come what may, this is something that can never be taken away, and that you are in complete control over. And that’s kind of amazing, isn’t it?

Should inflation deplete your savings, should you lose your job or should war bring our economy to its knees, your value will remain the same. You invested your time and energy into something purely for the sake of being as good as you can possibly be. Many boxers would call this having the “heart” for the sport. But it’s more than heart, really. It’s your humanity, and it completely transcends all currency.

Knowing this truth might just save you one day.

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