Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney

Was Ryan Garcia Set Up? What’s Really Behind the PED Scandal.

Since Ryan Garcia reportedly tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug Ostarine, social media has been abuzz with speculation. Many fans believe Ryan is under attack from the “powers that be” in the boxing world, likely due to his bringing down of Eddie Heard’s fighter, Devin Haney. He also walked away with a 12 million dollar purse. That’s a lotta dough. 

Others believe the 25-year-old pro boxer is being targeted for his vocal support of Donald Trump. The star athlete has shared several photos and videos of himself with the 45th President to his X and Instagram accounts

Donald Trump and Ryan Garcia

For his part, Garcia has denied all allegations of PED use, and stated on X “My levels are so low for someone who took Ostarine. I was posting throughout training and none of my tests came out positive. All of a sudden I’m positive? We know what it is.”

Golden Boy Promotions have confirmed the VADA test results, and issued a statement in support of their fighter: “Ryan has put out multiple statements denying knowingly using any banned substances — and we believe him. The statement goes on to say, “We are working with his team to determine how this finding came to be and will address this further once we conclude that process.”

The fighter can request a B sample of his urine test and has 10 days to do so, but if found guilty of PED use, his win over Haney would likely be overturned, and he could also face a suspension. 

Ryan Garcia X

I’ve thought about the likelihood of a star boxer like Ryan Garcia risking his entire career to try sneaking in PEDs the day of a fight, even after submitting to voluntary testing. It just doesn’t add up. Also, why would VADA release the results after the fight? That’s another detail I haven’t been able to confirm thus far. Perhaps the coming days will shed some light on the situation. For now, one can only speculate. 

I can’t say for sure whether he pissed off some high ranking boxing suits (which let’s face it, we all know operate like a mob just as they always have) but frankly, it seems likely. Much more likely than him suddenly doping himself, which, as far as I can tell, seems out of character for Garcia. I call foul.

But is there truly more to this story than meets the eye? Let’s presume his innocence, since that’s what we do in America. That would mean the test results must be either 1. Faulty, or 2. Fake. 

I have no knowledge of whether a PED test could give a false positive. If so, please comment here and educate me. If not, could the test have been faked somehow? Well, of course it could – but only if someone purposely contaminated it, or flat out lied about the test results altogether. But ….why would someone do this? Well, we know why, don’t we? Is it not a tale as old as time?

As riled up and full of hate (and TDS affliction) as anti-Trump people are, I still doubt the boxer’s affinity for 45 has anything to do with someone sabotaging his career over it. I tend to follow the money when it comes to man’s motivations. It doesn’t help that the sport of boxing overall has been riddled with so much corruption since its inception that it is hard not to assume the worst.

Cheating and mafia tactics – including the actual mafia back in the day – have long tarnished the sport’s reputation. Boxing’s king pins seem to be alive and well in 2024 based on the suspicious nature of the many mismatches and robberies I’ve watched. But that’s the topic of an article all its own. The heart of the matter comes down to one ugly word: greed.

The love of money will ruin a person, and that’s a timeless truth. It is the root of all evil, after all. This is why the entire situation with Garcia comes across as suspicious. Someone – or someones – could surely be pissed off about that purse, and feel entitled to it. I’m not saying it was Haney, or even Heard. I accuse no one. Besides, they’re too obvious.

What I’m saying is that sometimes, when the stakes are high, like in boxing, there are certain people always lurking in the shadows. People who truly control things tend to remain unseen. And when an outcome doesn’t suit their interests, they have their ways of changing it. This is true with the banking system, and in politics, and in sports. It is all of society. That’s not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact.

As for Ryan Garcia, I choose to believe the best in him. I also pray he does not succumb to the temptation of falling in love with the glory, fame and fortune aspect of his career. That would be his downfall, not what someone says about him, or any false allegations. When God is in your corner, mortal men can’t do much to harm you.

So for now, why not believe Ryan if he says he is a man of God, and that he is innocent? Therefore, let us pray that the truth comes to the light, and that any attack by the enemy be brought to nothing. As God promises in Isaiah 54:17:

 “No weapon forged against you shall prosper,

    and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,

    and this is their vindication from me.”

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