When your heroes won’t fight for anything.

Not every boxer is a fighter. Not in the way that really matters, anyway. I learned this the hard way over the last two years during global government tyranny, and if you’re in the boxing community, you may have observed it as well.

While it’s true that boxers and MMA fighters are more likely to possess the crucial fighter’s spirit, it just isn’t always the case. This realization hit me hard emotionally, but it shouldn’t have. Physical fighters train both body and mind for physical combat, but many do not know how to train for mental and spiritual combat. And many are simply athletes, focused solely on the sport. We may expect more, and want them to be more. But sometimes the men and women we put on pedestals fail us, or just aren’t what we imagine them to be. Many boxers who I assumed would stand up to tyrannical moves by power-hungry authoritarians rolled over instead. Not all of them – and hopefully, not most of them. But some of them showed their hand, and that hand was a hand of compliance. “Just following orders” as they say. And we know how well that attitude works out…

If you’ve ever been disillusioned by a fighter who turns out to lack the fighter’s spirit, or just disappointed by someone you look up to, take it as a sign, and a valuable life lesson. The lesson is that other people will, eventually, disappoint you. That’s a tough one to accept, but it’s a part of being human. More importantly, your disappointment is a sign. A sign and a gift. The sign is meant for you – the gift is for the world.

Who can you look to for hope and courage if your heroes won’t fight for anything (other than a belt, or a title that is)? The answer, grasshopper, is what they lack is exactly what you already possess. And now you know that you do. How? Because your disappointment in them for not being who you thought they were, is a sure sign that you are the brave soldier you wanted them to be. Maybe you didn’t know it – and maybe you couldn’t have known it up until this moment. But here you are. The quality you respect and admire so much is a quality you yearn for in yourself. That you can recognize it means you’re doing something right. And that’s the gift part – the gift to the world you live in is your unwavering fighter’s spirit. Because people who have great courage, and who will fight for liberty no matter the cost, are exactly the gift our world needs right now.

Go forth and fight for what you believe in. And know that one day, someone – maybe even your own child – will look at you and think, now there’s a fighter. There’s my hero.